How to create an Evernote note desktop shortcut for OSX




  • Mac OSX Sierra Version 10.12 (atleast for this tutorial)
  • Evernote Standalone application (version 6.9.2  atleast for this tutorial)
  • Stickies, default application for OSX
  • Icon, if you wish to change how it looks


  1. Right click the note that you wish to have a shortcut.
  2. Press and hold Alt/Option button, then click Copy Classic Note Link
  3. Open Stickies Application and Paste the link (Ctrl-V).
  4. Drag the note link to your Desktop.evernote-drag
  5. [OPTIONAL] Change the look of your icon (check this post).

You can now open a specific note even without opening the Evernote App.





Credits to for the evernote icon.

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